This is what we do

Children dental healthcare

We would like to see your child on a regular base for an individually based periodic check-up. During this visit, we will guide you through the daily oral hygiene of your child. Just to get or keep the teeth and oral health in optimal condition. If necessary, we will make a plan to upgrade the oral hygiene.

Whenever your child needs additional care, the dentist will discuss with the parent or caretaker which additional treatment is required. The dentist will always inform the parent or caretaker about:

  • Which treatment is needed

  • The expected results

  • The risk of the treatment

  • The time needed for the treatments

  • Alternatives

Experience / emotion oriented Care

Is created through our unique team concept, special attention corners for the children like a tinkering table, game-corner, and our cinema/tv, multimedia room.

Our strength at Het Tandenrijk is our special approach towards our little patients and the settings at the reception and consulting rooms, where the focus is on the perception of the little patients. This determines the final outcome and quality of our care.

Anxious Children

Het Tandenrijk treats children with an (extreme) dental anxiety, little patients with a lot of cavities who are too young for an extensive treatment and, children with behavioral problems. Beside all of the above mentioned, our pediatric dentists are professionally trained to treat children with a physical or mental limitation, or medical issue/problems.

Treatment plan

Initially de dentist wants to know which previous experiences your child has had with another dentist or at any other medical environment. In addition to the above the dentist wants to talk to you about the general behavior of your child. She will base a treatment on your story and the oral health condition.

Try-out Sessions

It is important for a child to let them get familiar to a dental treatment. In our clinic, we will achieve acquaintance by first planning so called “Try-out sessions” Trust is a keystone in any treatment. The dentist will make a conformation/agreement together with the child, and they both will (dentist and child) stick to this agreement.

State of mind

We always strive to a ‘State of mind’ in which the frightened child will calm down and will allow the treatment. If a child remains untreatable, we can provide sedation or general anesthesia.