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Het Tandenrijk offers her little patients complete dental healthcare in a comfortable surrounding at their own level. “Experience Oriented Care”

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Corona virus | Important update!

In order to limit the spread of the Corona virus as much as possible, we've decided to follow the advice of the KNMT and have cancelled all of our appointments. We'll be limiting ourselves to urgent care for patients not infected with the Corona virus.

If you have an urgent case, you can reach our practice by telephone. Patients who are planned for an anaesthetic handling will be separately informed about their appointment.

This policy will be in place until 28 April. Please check our website for updates. Thank you for your understanding in this difficult time.

Tandenrijk and Kindertand: Happy together

Starting January 1st 2020 Tandenrijk initiated a close collaboration with Kindertand-Rotterdam as a direct consequence of the managemental changes that were introduced at Tandenrijk. We expect that the collaboration will create a mutual reinforcement of the quality of pediatric dentistry at both practices.

We intend to combine the easy accessible pediatric dentistry of Tandenrijk with the secondary dental care of Kindertand-Rotterdam. Being a client at Tandenrijk you are familiar with our attitude to create a positive atmosphere wherein we perform dental care. We hope to continue in the same direction.

Experience / emotion oriented Care

Is created through our unique team concept, special attention corners for the children like a tinkering table, game-corner, and our cinema/tv, multimedia room.

Our strength at Het Tandenrijk is our special approach towards our little patients and the settings at the reception and consulting rooms, where the focus is on the perception of the little patients. This determines the final outcome and quality of our care.

This is what we do

Children dental healthcare

We would like to see your child on a regular base for an individually based periodic check-up. During this visit we will guide you through the daily oral hygiene of your child. Just to get or keep the teeth and oral health in optimal condition. If necessary we will make a plan to improve the oral hygiene.

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Anxious Children

Het Tandenrijk treats children with an (extreme) dental anxiety, little patients with a lot of cavities who are too young for an extensive treatment and, children with behavioral problems. Beside all of the above mentioned, our pediatric dentists are professionally trained to treat children with a physical or mental limitation, or a medical issue/problems.

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Our team

Maria Jimenez

Pediatric Dentist

BIG: 09921972702
Mariam Saffari

Pediatric Dentist

BIG: 69910775102
Jaap Veerkamp

Pediatric Dentist

BIG: 99024439802
Yahia Salloom

Pediatric Dentist

BIG: 59924798802
Margreet de Vries

Dental Therapist

Hasiena Haydarie

Dental Therapist

Carine van Kooten

Dental Therapist

Mirella van Vliet

Dental Nurse

Tulay Kilic

Dental Nurse

Sule Gezer

Dental Nurse

Our Vision

Together with you and your child, we aim to achieve a clean and healthy mouth using experience/ emotion-oriented care. Our goal is to maintain a healthy dentition for a lifetime.

Our Clinic

Our Clinic

From the age of two and on the little ones can play at us, together we will count their teeth and step by step they will get acquainted/familiar to the setting, our treatment methods, and all of the materials we use in their mouth.

We take sufficient time the children need to become at ease and before starting any treatment we will explain and show (Teel-Show-Feel-Do) everything in order that they will not be surprised or scared.